Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Democrats are bracing for heartfelt hugs of appreciation over Obamacare

Whoops!  I read that headline wrong.  WashPost: "Democrats are bracing for another Obamacare backlash":
The Obamacare window technically just closed this weekend, but a new round of political headaches could just be beginning for the administration.
That's because it's tax season, and many Americans could soon be getting an unwelcome surprise that they owe the government a penalty for skipping health insurance coverage.
Sorry, folks, but It's The Law.

Extra - Brietbart: "Obama touts phony Obamacare numbers again."  Take heart that Obamacare is working just as well as our hashtag offensive against ISIS.

More - From Instapundit.


Non-Breitbart math said...

Health care inflation has fallen to the lowest annual rate since the early 1960s. More of this failure, please!

Eric said...

Three Pinocchios

"Government report forecasts rising health care inflation"

Non-Breitbart math said...

Obamacare might be able to repair Pinocchio's nose.

"Data from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis that shows health care inflation, as of the end of 2013, was about 1 percent per year — the lowest since the early 1960s."

Since we have been told and told Obamacare will create skyrocketing costs, this must mean that health care inflation would've been way down in the negative numbers by now if not for its effects. Is that right?

Reduced health costs are independent of Obamacare. But if and when costs go up, it'll be because of Obamacare. Got it.

Eric said...

I'm a fair minded guy so I checked the Politifact page and there is the statement you have except it starts: "We have reported that data from U.S. Bureau...."

Hmm...why leave off "we have reported?" Well there's a hyperlink on the word "reported." Let's see where that takes us!

"Gwen Moore says Obamacare created lowest-ever inflation in health care costs" - rated MOSTLY FALSE

Thanks for playing.

Non-Breitbart math said...

From that same Politico hyperlink:
"There’s an element of truth in her claim, given that the Affordable Care Act is given some credit for the smallest increases in health care inflation on record.
But Moore’s claim gave virtually all the credit to Obamacare, when there isn’t evidence it played that large of a role."

Translation: Obamacare has lowered health costs. It has not "blown them up" or "busted the budget" as promised by its opponents.

Politico decided, and explicitly said, that Gwen Moore overreached by awarding too much "singular" credit. Politico did not say that Obamacare deserves no credit at all for lowering costs. They say it has. And all of the economists quoted in the link, both liberal and conservative, give the ACA some of the credit.

Thanks for trying.