Saturday, February 21, 2015

Obama's one great love

I've been trying to stay away from Obama Derangement Syndrome but feel the need to address the whole controversy as to whether Obama loves America.  I'm sure he does but I know Obama loves Obama more.  And when it's time to pump up Obama, Obama spares no effort.

Jim Geraghty has it spot on right here:
Every Obama speech has a villain, and that villain is often other Americans who disagree with the president. He doesn’t hesitate to paint a very dark picture of the country he leads: citizens who are xenophobic and paranoid about Muslims, abusive police forces unfairly focusing on Muslim communities, a public eager to forcibly deport good Americans who just want to serve their country, and lawmakers determined to deny good education to children.

Maybe Giuliani’s language is a bit overwrought or hyperbolic, but is it really that much overwrought or hyperbolic than Obama’s description of Americans who disagree with his policies? And if Obama consistently describes so many Americans as so prejudiced and mean-spirited… is Guiliani’s conclusion really that outlandish?
Thus, in the recent summit on Islamic extremism in which the main goal for Obama was to repeat that "we are not at war with Islam."  You'd be hard pressed to recount an actual short-term plan against extremism beyond "fight 'em on Twitter."  But the summit served the important purpose of allowing Obama to obliquely criticize all those villainous bigots and, more importantly, testify to Obama's virtuous tolerance.  What a great guy.

The Big Me was at it again on Friday at a DNC meeting.  It's not enough to offer "hope and change" and talk about strategy for the future.  It's just another opportunity to paint the Republicans as forces of darkness who have no motivation except malice in their hearts.  Who is standing tall against these malefactors?  Obama.

Why does Obama bad-mouth America?  Because it casts him as the beacon of tolerance, progressiveness, and virtue.

Extra - Oh, and if you don't love Obama, things are going to get difficult for you.  And you, too.

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Weak, apologist response to a fading footnote's pathetic case of Obama Tourettes.