Saturday, February 28, 2015

But we're the good guys!

Here in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts, at the intersection of leftist Amherst and super-leftist Northampton, a bunch of protesters took a stand at - of all places - a Whole Foods store.  This part cracked me up:
The demonstrators stood in silence until a Whole Foods employee approached and politely asked them to leave. That's when the blindfolds came off and the chant of "Whole Foods is a lie; animals do not want to die," began. The group made their way through the store, drawing much attention from presumably socially conscious shoppers, as they walked toward the exit.
This story makes me hungry for steak.  Let's hope they recycled their protest signs.


Anonymous said...

If any of these people were wearing leather shoes, belts, or underwear, presumably the items were tanned from the hides of Dutch cattle that wanted to die and had taken advantage of the assisted-suicide law.

siacd999 said...

Typical hipster response. In the beginning when it wasn't as well known, Whole Foods was great because it was a small business giving people new choices for organic/vegan/(insert buzzword here) food products. Now that Whole Foods has become successful and popular, there are tons of detractors who want to bitch about prices (the Whole Paycheck jab), their lack of free-trade and/or sustainable products, and their pay (seriously, don't go into grocery store cashier or shelf stocker thinking you're going to strike it rich).
I'm starting to see the same thing happening with Trader Joe's. Lots of people saying how cool and awesome they are when they were small and contained to the west coast, but now they're spreading I'm hearing much of the same complaints I've heard about Whole Foods.

And speaking of animal rights people, why does no one ever talk about all the micro-organisms they exploit with their bodily functions? They are constantly exploiting the labor of other micro-fauna in their own digestive processes, and these microbes get no pay! Before they talk about animal rights, they should be manumissing the small animals within their bodies whose labor they are exploiting.
Best way to mess with animal rights folks, take their own arguments, turn them up to 11.