Thursday, September 29, 2005

The paper of record - The NY Times: sloppy, biased and sometimes just plain stupid

Update - Throw “insane” on the fire: “I hope some day somebody writes all this down, because the whole story is unbelievable. Miller never writes a story about Plamegate, but insists she must keep her sources secret, even though the name of her primary source, Cheney chief of staff Scooter Libby, has long since been a matter of public record -- and has publicly released her from her pledge of anonymity. She decides to go to jail to protect the principle of source anonymity, and is only weeks away from being sprung (because the grand jury she was refusing to talk to will go out of business in Ocrober [sic]) before she abandons her stand on principle and decides to talk. And all this in relation to a matter that may well not have been a crime to begin with. Weird wacko crazy bananas.”

Extra – OK, “economically illiterate” too.

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JG said...

Boy, Calame seems really fed up with the lot of them already. Okrent lasted a good year.

To "sloppy, biased and sometimes just plain stupid" I'd add economically illiterate but it seems like piling on.