Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Not thinking outside the box

Here’s Ann Althouse on the Roberts hearing: “Joe Biden is hamming it up big time, dramatizing the frustration of not getting Roberts to say how he'll decide specific cases. We've been through this so many times, but Biden seems to think that, if he just emotes more than the others, the American public will finally see the outrage of a judge not committing his vote before hearing the case. Yet every time Roberts explains why he won't answer, he sounds so eloquent and even inspiring about the role of the judge, that it ends up making the Senator look childish.”

I mean, really, how can anybody put up with a guy who doesn’t even know how the strike zone is defined in our great national pastime of baseball? What a maroon!

Extra – More Biden-bashing from Powerline.


Will Franklin said...

Hilarious. Typical Biden.

The windbag of all windbags. But it actually wins over a few people. Some people actually think it is folksy.

Pat said...

In fairness to Joe, he was just quoting Neil Kinnock. Err, no, what I meant to say is that he may have had an old rulebook; when I was growing up the strike zone was from the tops of the shoulders to the knees. However, they changed this in 1969 to the armpits to the knees and in 1988 to the rule you cite, ironically to expand the strike zone as it was being called by the umpires, who never called anything above the belt a strike.