Saturday, September 17, 2005

Confirm John Roberts

So says the WashPost: “John G. Roberts Jr. should be confirmed as chief justice of the United States. He is overwhelmingly well-qualified, possesses an unusually keen legal mind and practices a collegiality of the type an effective chief justice must have. He shows every sign of commitment to restraint and impartiality. Nominees of comparable quality have, after rigorous hearings, been confirmed nearly unanimously. We hope Judge Roberts will similarly be approved by a large bipartisan vote.” The editorial goes on to warn Democrats that opposing Roberts will only send the message that no nominee could meet their approval and “Mr. Bush could conclude there is nothing to be gained from considering the concerns of the opposition party in choosing his next nominee.”

ExtraOpinion Journal: “In a less nasty age, he’d be confirmed 100-0.” If I remember correctly, my original guess was 77-23 on the Hedgehog Report competition.

Shocker – The NY Times advocates a “no” vote on Roberts. Whatever. The Times is so intrinsically one-sided now, there’s no point in paying any attention.

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Mark said...

Man, could there be a clearer demonstration of how low the Times has sunk? More and more, if you want responsible liberalism, you have to look to the Post - as you say, the Times under Gail Collins is a completely transparent, partisan joke...