Wednesday, September 22, 2021

"The Wonder Years" reboot - surprisingly good

Without getting too deep into the racial themes of 1968 Alabama, the show captured the spirit of the original with the confusion of a 12-year-old living in troubled times.

One aspect of the original "Wonder Years" that I always loved - carefully recreated here - is the strong father figure.  It seems like every other sitcom has the "silly Dad" Homer Simpson character, bum-stumbling from one crisis to another.  Dan Lauria's original dad was a hard-working, occasionally bitter man who above it all loved his family and wanted to do the right thing.  In the reboot, Dule Hill plays the cool and confident, nonplussed father, anchoring his own family.

By the way, I LOL'd when the parents suggested sending their daughter to Spelman College, a black all-female college, calling it a "win-win" proposition.  As in a "win-win" for the two parents.

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