Monday, September 13, 2021

The adults in the room shift blame like 8-year-olds

Hot Air: "Blinken: Trump left us a deadline for withdrawal on Afghanistan but not a plan."

Of course, this is false, but let's assume there's a universe where the mainstream media remembers Biden's July 8th press conference the one where he said the Taliban wouldn't take over.  Oh never mind.  Let's assume a President who wasn't hell-bent on getting out by 9/11 for his photo-op, and recognized the lack of a plan was a serious problem.

The new spin is that, although there was no plan, gosh darn it they just had to stick that deadline.  It's called leadership, people.

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Anonymous said...

The buck always stops at the democrats desk. Blame however flies around like a white dove dodging lead shot on the opening day of season.