Sunday, June 20, 2021

Defund NPR and CRT

This morning I was on the road and heard this tripe on NPR: "Understanding The Republican Opposition To Critical Race Theory."  Short summary: we're all a bunch of backward hicks for opposing Critical Race Theory (CRT) and - gosh darn it - we just don't understand it:
SPRUNT: You'll also hear some Republican lawmakers and media outlets say, you know, this theory is unpatriotic. It tells white people that they're racist, you know, just for being white, when, of course, the actual theory itself is about institutions, not individuals.

GARCIA-NAVARRO: Right. It's about the systems that are in play and how that has actually created more difficulties for Black and brown people.
Oh, heavens no, we're not attacking white people, just systemic racism.  Ben Shapiro has several videos where he asks the question: "What system?  What institution?"  But there's never an answer.  "Systemic racism" exists as a Schrodinger's Cat of social systems, both existing yet unprovable.

But remember: we're the uneducated rubes in this morality play, duped by those puppet masters at Fox News.

Noah Rothman has an article in Commentary saying the backlash against CRT is real and it's spectacular (excerpt on Instapundit):
The idea that conservatives did anything more than notice this mania is laughable. The legislative efforts on the local level, some of which flirt with violating civic and constitutional propriety, deserve skepticism because this reckoning is entirely organic. Right-wing overreach threatens that emerging consensus. But Republicans should take heart in how Democrats are trying to convince themselves that none of this is real, and no serious person questions the validity of CRT’s sudden ubiquity. They’ll never see it coming.
Americans are a tolerant group and they'll put up with a lot of stuff they don't necessarily agree with.  That is, until you get to their kids.  Then, brother, the gloves are off. 

Also: defund NPR.  Enough is enough.


Roger Bournival said...

Also: defund NPR. Enough is enough.

Then what will you listen to on your commute, lol?

Eric said...

They're doing their fundraising this week so I won't be listening at all.