Monday, June 07, 2021

AOC's abuela is still poor

Jim Treacher: "AOC = Abjure Offered Cash"
AOC has yet to make a public statement about any of this, and I doubt any “journalists” will pursue it because they don’t want to embarrass her. What is she supposed to say? Her attempt to leverage her family’s problems for political ends was brilliantly exposed as a cheap stunt, and she can hardly condemn the people who raised a ton of money to help her grandma.

Congratulations to Matt Walsh at the Daily Wire for figuring out how to get AOC to finally shut up: Try to help her.
I've pretty much stopped writing about AOC because - let's face it - she's low-hanging fruit.  She's a deeply dumb person who, nonetheless, keeps shooting off her mouth and inviting ridicule.  When she's backed into a corner, she deploys one of two defenses: 1) you don't understand our culture and 2) I used to be a bartender.  Matt Walsh's trolling perfectly exposed her game.

And, no, the media won't ask her any questions.  Not poor Sandy. 

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