Saturday, March 23, 2019

What else do they got?

Politico: "Democrats plot ways to force release of Mueller findings - Democrats signal that they're ready to use aggressive tactics to force the attorney general to make the report public."

They have invested so much into this narrative that it's impossible for them to accept Mueller's findings, that they once upheld as the gold standard.  The Democrats know that the Muller report contains grand jury testimony and confidential information that, according to DOJ guidelines, cannot be released to the public.  So it will be a year-long campaign of innuendo and hearsay with whispers of a cover-up.

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Robert Fisk said...

This is one situation that calls for a copy-and vomit:

It has been obvious from the very beginning that the Maddow Muppets were being sold a lie...They had swallowed the Russiagate narrative hook, line and sinker, and they believed that the Mueller investigation was going to vindicate them. It did not.

We must never let them forget what they did or what they cost us all. We must never let mainstream Democrats forget how crazy they got, how much time and energy they wasted, how very, very wrong they were and how very, very right we were.

Never stop reminding them of this. Never stop mocking them for it. Never stop mocking their idiotic Rachel Maddow worship. Never stop mocking the Robert Mueller prayer candles. Never stop making fun of the way they blamed all their problems on Susan Sarandon. Never stop reminding them of those stupid pink vagina hats. Never stop mocking them for elevating Louise Mensch and Eric Garland. Never stop mocking them for creating the fucking Krassenstein brothers.

Every politician, every media figure, every Twitter pundit and everyone who swallowed this moronic load of bull spunk has officially discredited themselves for life. Going forward, authority and credibility rests solely with those who kept clear eyes and clear heads during the mass media propaganda blitzkrieg, not with those who were stupid enough to believe what they were told about the behaviors of a noncompliant government in a post-Iraq invasion world. The people who steered us into two years of Russiavape insanity are the very last people anyone should ever listen to ever again when determining the future direction of our world.

Wow, this must be the relief-venting of some deplorable Trumpkin, right? Think again. The following was also written by the same author (Caitlin Johnstone) in the same article. Even though it is nonsense, it illustrates how far around the bend the nutcases of the left have gone compared to it's non-nutcases:

Just think what we could have done with that energy over the last two years. Think how much public support could have been poured into the sweeping progressive reforms called for by the Sanders movement, for example, instead of constant demands for more sanctions and nuclear posturing against Russia. Think how much more attention could have been drawn to Trump’s actual horrific policies like his facilitation of Saudi butchery in Yemen or his regime change agendas in Iran and Venezuela, his support for ecocide and military expansionism and the barbarism of Jair Bolsonaro and Benjamin Netanyahu. Think how much more energy could have gone into beating back the Republicans in the midterms, reclaiming far more House seats and taking the Senate as well, gathering momentum for a presidential candidacy that truly threatens Trump instead of 9,000 primary candidates who will probably be selected by superdelegates after the first ballot when there’s too many of them to establish a clear majority under the new rules.

Eric said...

Great article. That's going up.