Thursday, March 07, 2019

He sure did

Hot Air: "Did Lanny Davis Confirm Cohen Lied In Testimony About Trump Pardon?"

"Probably lied about Prague, too!" - excited Resistors. 


Anonymous said...

*Michael Cohen drops a barrage of damaging testimony and documents in public and private session;

*Cohen then sues the Trump Org for $1.9 million of indemnification payments. Fighting the suit would open up Trump to discovery;

*Trump’s Nobel Prize photo op collapses in a day. Fake intelligence shows an undeterred Kim Jong-Un has been building up his weapons while "negotiating";

*The House votes to block the fake national emergency to the Senate. The bill now goes to the Senate, where a sad Mitch McConnell will watch it pass;

*It’s learned that Trump overruled universal objections to give his daughter and son-in-law their top security clearances;

*The House lowers the boom and opens up a massive wave of Trump investigations, sending 81 document requests to his children, his staff, his businesses and associates;

*The House also hires a mob prosecutor to assist them going forward;

*The SDNY subpoenas documents from the Trump Org’s insurance broker as part of its fraud investigation. Multiple reports indicate that investigators are considering using the RICO laws against Trump.

And how was YOUR week?

Robert Fisk said...

The commi actually invests each crumb with the power to save him.

Anonymous said...

Wow, three lame catch phrases in one fabulous "retort." Hard to blame you, though - there's no effective comeback to Trump's fabulous week. Still, even Urkel didn't say "Did I do thaaaat?" in every... single... scene.

But as long as we're on the subject of repeating oneself, this is a great week for it: 2019 is going to be so fun.

Robert Fisk said...

The commi is a marvel - he actually enjoys the pain of setting his hopes up and then watching them die.

Anonymous said...

Is this an image of Trump, or is it Rogert feigning confidence?

A: No need to choose just one!

Anonymous said...

The claims levied by President Donald Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen have become a preoccupation for the commander in chief, who has angrily rebutted some of the allegations while casting his onetime fixer as a liar.

The President's aides and allies say he has raised Cohen constantly over the past week, inserting questions and complaints about him into briefings and meetings on otherwise unrelated matters.

Sources say Trump has become so consumed by Cohen and the fallout from his testimony that he brings him up minutes after national security briefings, during calls with lawmakers and while strategizing with aides about administration priorities.

Trump brought up Cohen repeatedly during the multi-day trip to Hanoi for the nuclear summit. ...Even as his aides worked to brief him ahead of the talks, Trump peppered them with questions about Cohen and what he was preparing to tell lawmakers on the House Oversight and Reform Committee, according to people familiar with the matter.

2019 is going to be so... well, you know.

Robert FIsk said...

Wow, anonymous sources say Trump is consumed by Cohen. Sounds reliable, despite the lack of evidence or testimony.

In related news, that same story was consumed as a crumb by the commi. We have documentary evidence confirming it.

Anonymous said...

The visual representation of 2019, as absorbed by Mr. Fisk: