Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Don't call it a fishing expedition

Unintentional humor on NPR's Morning Edition this morning:
MARTIN: But - I mean, it is so sprawling. How do you combat the criticism that it is a fishing expedition?

DEAN: I don't buy that at all. What we're looking at is possibilities of obstruction of justice, public corruption, abuse of power by this administration in these documents, most of which have already been requested by other entities, whether it was the Mueller commission or others. These documents will either reveal that there are things wrong, or they might reveal there's nothing to see here.
There's definitely, absolutely the possibility that there might be something there or not.  We're sending out dozens and dozens of requests for information, and one of them might bear fruit, but don't call it a fishing expedition.


Ben Gozzy said...

Despite the repetitive braying, Mueller sure has found a lot of fish and witches.

Roger Bournival said...

I wonder if Jerry Nadler could demolish a whole roasted chicken in one sitting?

Saul Indra said...

Nadler used to be twice as fat. But he's still got the appetite to pick the Trump Organization's bones clean.

Anonymous said...

"Mueller sure has found a lot of fish and witches"

Yup, some of his charges are related to Russia. Well at least the ones ascribed to Russians.

Anonymous said...

And you used to tout Ken Starr successfully "securing a dozen convictions." You're so fickle!