Friday, March 24, 2017

You had one job

PJ Media: "Paul Ryan Takes the Barzini Meeting."  "If the House GOP had wanted to insult and infuriate their voters, this bill was the best way to do it. Sin in haste, repent at leisure."

Extra - Washington Examiner: "GOP cave on Obamacare repeal is the biggest broken promise in political history."


Anonymous said...

You guys got played. Again. Keep those donations coming.

But wheeee, it was still totally sweet the way the Tea Party energized the base, and took back the House from nasty Nancy Pelosi, so that Republicans could... ehhh... um, so that Republicans could... could...?

Anonymous said...


It reminds me of a PJ O'Rourke quote about how Republicans say that government doesn't work and then prove it by getting elected.

Something like that.

Anonymous said...

"The Shart of the Deal."

sdharms said...

nah, its not the biggest broken promise... "if you like your doctor, health plan, you can keep....

Anonymous said...

"Bin Laden - dead or alive"
"Iraqi oil will pay for the war"
"We support the troops"