Thursday, March 02, 2017

So what's today's Dem freakout?

Question: do we have to bother with Jeff Sessions' resignation if we skip right over to Trump's impeachment?  And did you see what Ivanka wore to the speech?  Tack-y!

This story might have some traction if the Democrats didn't turn every issue, every cabinet nomination, and every Administration press release into the worst thing that has happened ever.  As far as I can tell, Jeff Sessions was maybe less than forthcoming about his meetings with the Russians but that the specific questions he was asked concerned his involvement with the Trump campaign.  So, when asked "about the 2016 election" he responded: "No."  As in, no, we didn't talk about the election, there was no collusion with Russia, and there's nothing more needed to respond to that specific question.

Is that hyper-literal?  Yes, and Sessions should recuse himself and then clarify his remarks.  Just like Claire McCaskill did when she said: "No call or meeting w/Russian ambassador.  Ever."  Then to clarify a couple hours later: "Oh, when I said that, I totally meant as a member of the Armed Services committee.  What made you think "ever" meant "ever."  Geez."  For extra fun, let's go to the Polaroids, Claire.

As cooler heads will aver: "There’s Almost No Chance That Sessions Committed Perjury."  When asked about what he did talk to the Russian ambassador about, Sessions should say "grandchildren and golf."

Extra - Legal Insurrection: "Read the Questions – WaPo creates Sessions media firestorm over nothing."

Update - Sessions recuses.


Anonymous said...

But the Democrats. But Claire McCaskill. But Loretta Lynch. But the media. Says the party of personal responsibility.

Eric said...

That's an interesting quip, considering that many Republicans called for Sessions to do the responsible thing and recuse himself from any investigations on Russian ties. Then he did.

Remember the Democrats calling for Eric Holder to be "above reproach" after Fast & Furious, or Loretta Lynch's chat about grandchildren? Yeah, me either.

Roger Bournival said...

... or Obama calling his 'the most transparent Administration in History!'. Well, that's half right - transparently phony is more like it.

Anonymous said...

Remember the President saying that Sessions should not recuse himself, because Sessions "probably" didn't lie? Remember when the President said that like, TODAY?

Remember when the Viking Pundit website barely mentioned the name "Donald Trump" for over half a year? You've certainly fallen in line.

Roger Bournival said...

Maybe that's because Trump's become more conservative than Eric previously gave him credit for, shit for brains?

Anonymous said...

Mmm, could be. Let's check. So far, Donald Trump:
1. Totally buys into the Obamacare system, even as he vows to "totally repeal" the name (so enjoy that);
2. Advocates 3 months paid leave (you'll recall the GOP emphatically opposed Clinton's unpaid leave proposal);
3. Says let's build a Mexico wall for $0.00... no, $10 billion... make that $22 billion...stay tuned;
4. Wants a trillion dollars for infrastructure (that squeaking sound you hear is 200 GOP House sphincters tightening in unison);
5. Hey, as long as the deficit is going to be in flames anyway, how about another $54 billion for the military? (Don't worry, we'll make it up by cutting Planned Parenthood and PBS);
6. Free trade? Since when do conservatives like free trade?;
7. That Iran deal, the worstiest ever, is going absolutely nowhere;
8. "Drain the swamp! Drain the swa..." pfft, sorry, I can't even keep a straight face here;
9. Well, Trump stood up to China for 2 minutes, that was something;
10. What you have to understand is, that whole "lock her up" special investigator thing was always in ironic quotes;
11. Was only against Obama's autocratic and illegal executive orders; his orders are awesome and on Science Fair-sized paper;
12. Private email, bad... golfing vacations, bad... conflicts of interest, bad... Goldman Sachs ties, bad...

You've been played, dupe.

But you're getting another 4 years of bathroom bans, and insulting CNN, and hearing the beautiful words "radical Islamic terror," and much more to keep you happily drinking at the piss trough while calling it champagne.

Roger Bournival said...


1) Legislation is needed to repeal this POS; Ryan's holding this up, not Trump.
2) You got a point there, like the one on your heaqd.
3), 4), 5) Since when have Democrats cared about Federal spending? Oh, that's right - when it's done by Republicans! All of a sudden you pricks are deficit hawks? Where have you been the past eight years?
6) 'Pubs were against TPP; Dems for it - QED.
7) Trump & Congress need to reimpose sanctions, and short of bombing the shit out of Bushehr, Natanz, Qom, etc., what else would you like, if you're even against this?
8) Federal hiring freeze is in effect - at least the swamp's not being filled. Congress is needed for downsizing; I don't know if Prez can do RIF orders by himself. Likie that would have stopped Obama...
9) China still seems rather concerned about Trump, no?
10) Not having Hillary! as President is reward enough for me. Plus, we have bigger fish to fry.
11) You may have noticed most of his EO's were reversals of Obama's EO's.
12) What's your point?

Nice try, asswipe...

Anonymous said...

Shorter version: "Principles, shminciples. He's not a Democrat, so kneel, unzip, slurp, slurp, slurp."