Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Your Obamacare factoid of the day

Colorado has signed up more dogs than Oregon has signed up people.

The dog is a 14-year-old Yorkie so it's not one of the "young invincible canines" the exchange is looking for.


Bode Poorly said...

It's going to be hysterical in 2014 watching Mitch McConnell try to bank hard right to zip past the Teaper opponent in the primary, and then immediately lurch left to downplay the real-world effects of his anti-Obamacare role when Kentucky is already the most prominent success story for the new health care law's implementation. McConnell needs to head over to the Russia Olympics next February to get in some slalom practice.

Eric said...

Yes, at 4% enrollment rate, Kentucky is at almost double the national rate of 2.2%.

Poor Mitch! What a box he's in.


Bode Poorly said...

And that 4% won't change. Kentuckians are done getting health coverage. And also with their Christmas shopping.

As for Kentucky's five new Medicaid coverees for every new private plan purchased since October, they're filed away under "miscellaneous."

Eric said...

Now we're talking about Medicaid? I understand.

Death Spiral Watch: Early Kentucky Enrollment Figures Show Young People Signing Up at Half the Rate Needed to Sustain Obamacare


Bode Poorly said...

From 4% to 50% in one quick step.

That's going to break the hearts of the honest truth-seekers over at, er, "Death Spiral Watch."

Eric said...