Saturday, November 09, 2013

He's can't appreciate how awesome he is

Slate (!) offers up this critique: "A sorry apologyPresident Obama wants to apologize without taking responsibility. That’s not how apologies work."
Not only did the president not meet the Daschle standard in this case, but he bubble-wrapped it with lots of explanations and rationalizations—his broken promise only affects 5 percent of the population, insurance companies are offering subpar plans, there’s churn in the market, and so on. All of this may be true, but when your apology sputters out at the end of a list of mitigating conditions, it lacks much punch. It seems grudging. So do the people going through this feel better? Probably not. Does it look like the president was trying to make himself look better? Yes, it does.
If it helps, Chuck Todd says that Obama doesn't believe he lied.  So you can stuff your sorry in a sack, mister!

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