Thursday, November 07, 2013

Obama's you-a culpa

There's a Simpsons episode where Bart dupes Mrs. Krabappel into a blind date with a fictional man.  Later, when he sees his dejected and humiliated teacher after being stood up, Bart says: "I can't help but feel partly responsible."

If you've seen Bart's reaction then you'll understand the non-apology that Obama offered up in this interview with NBC's Chuck Todd.  People are losing their health plans and, boy, he regrets those events that seem to have happened but maybe I didn't explain things very well.

That's the gist.

Extra - Ace: "I'm sorry you're sorry."  Yeah.

More - From Iowahawk.

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Kwik-E-Blame said...

Meanwhile, the Republican grand unified theory for Americans' problems with the health care system sounds like the Simpsons episode where Apu tries to explain the various causes of the Civil War, but gets shut down by the proctor.

"Obamacare it is, sir."