Sunday, December 04, 2011

You got moxie, kid!  Now let's crush it - George Will tells a cautionary tale of government regulation run amok in "Choking on Obamacare."  He tells the story of restaurant mogul Carl Karcher who started out with a hot dog cart and ended up with the Carl Jr. franchise.  What I took away from the article is that Karcher could never survive, much less thrive, in today's regulatory environment.  By Will's estimate, the regulations of Obamacare will cost twice what the late Karcher's company spent on building new restaurants last year.

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Anonymous said...

Well of course that's what you take away from it, because that's what you already believe.

Another might take note of the fact that a key moment in the early history of his company was taking advantage of the opportunity to grow his business by selling his food to the thousands of defense workers who got jobs because of the war.