Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Year of the protester - Althouse: "90+ people out of work after OWS wrecks business at Milk Street Cafe."


Anonymous said...

Uhhh...the Iraq war just ended.

Time to elevate the discussion a little.

dfwmtx said...

The same Iraq war in which there's still a US military presence in Iraq, you mean?

And let's be fair: the reviews of the restaurant suck, so they were going to go under anyways. Most restaurants close in the first year (for various reasons, not always because of the quality of the food).
But hey, OWS and the restaurant suck, so they can both shut down and make way for something better.

43rr13 said...

We declared victory and 'left', which was the best we were ever going to do in Iraq, no matter who was President.

The much-mocked and dismissed (by Bush apologists) neo-conservative goal of establishing a permanent military presence in Iraq has been achieved.

We'll do the same thing in Afghanistan as soon as people are distracted enough.

Since the US invaded Iraq ten years ago and deposed a Sunni despot who was the declared enemy of al Qaeda and replaced him with a Shiite-dominated government with ever-entangling ties to Iran, not a single gang of Saudis has hijacked planes and flown them into buildings on US soil. It's a fact. Suck it, surrender monkeys!

Anonymous said...

Surrender monkeys already suck it. No need to rub it in.

Ha! Ha! He said surrender monkeys! said...

If those planes had missed the Twin Towers by as much as 43rr13's sarcasm flew over your head, the U.S. would be a lot better off today.