Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So much for hope and change

Legal Insurrection on Obama's presser: "Do not underestimate the ability of this man to appeal to our worst jealousies and envies, while telling us he is doing the opposite with a smile on his face."

I didn't see the press conference but I read about it and the most striking thing is that Obama is voting "present" yet again. By law, the President is supposed to propose fixes to Medicare when the plan's trustees give a warning called the "Medicare Trigger" - Obama simply ignores it. By law, the Senate is supposed to submit a budget and the Democrats have not done so for nearly 800 days. Meanwhile the President's own "budget" amounts to a speech so vague that the CBO chief famously said "We don't estimate speeches."

At every turn, this President seems piqued that he's asked to take some leadership. But he doesn't want to take positions, so he falls back into the same shopworn tropes of class warfare and industry vilification. This country is overspending $1.6 trillion a year and we're going to fight this by changing depreciation schedules for corporate jets? Utterly absurd.

Extra - With the White House abdicating responsibility, Congress scrambles for Plan B. At least Obama has made solid plans for something.

More - From Zero Hedge.

And this - From Powerline: "Obama's performance exemplified his chronic inability to lead."


Bram said...

I saw some of it - enraging. A mix of lies and nonsense. He's talking about changes in the tax code that will produce millions on revenue while they overspend by trillions. He's off by several orders of magnitude.

Instead of proposing anything meaningful, he stands up their and attacks a credit for corporate aircraft - that was in his stimulus bill.

All I could think was that I'm paying for his damn jet that he likes to use all the time for vacations and campaign stops.

Anonymous said...

And did you SEE the way he stammered and fumfered and couldn't even spit out a simple sentence without relying on his telepromp... oh. Well, whatever, he sucks.

Snarky Joe said...

Very good point, Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Well, any point that immediately follows "...and I'm mad about that damned Air Force One" is bound to look good.

Smelly Soyburger said...

ACORN averaged $4 million a year in federal funds. NPR got $5 million last year. The corporate jet switch would save us $300 million per year.


Eric said...

Wow, $300 million/year? That's almost 2 hours of borrowing!


Anonymous said...

How weird that we didn't hear about NPR funding cuts equalling "two minutes of borrowing." Must've been a crucial 2 minutes.

$800 million Boston convention center with leaks = Fraud & waste.

Offshore Nantucket wind farm that could produce up to $25 million of energy savings per year = Necessary.

$3 billion corporate jet freebie = Realism.