Thursday, June 23, 2011

Quote of the Day: "We don't estimate speeches."

Of course, proposing a budget with numbers printed on paper means leadership and we all know how Obama feels about that. He outsourced debt reduction first to the Bowles-Simpson commission and then to Joe Biden; I can't help but wonder if the Republicans' walking away from the latest yak-fest is designed to finally force Obama to take ownership for a solution.

No more voting 'present.'

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Anonymous said...

No budget? Failure of leadership.

Stalking out of negotiations? Also failure of leadership, but not ours, the other guy's.

Ignoring the Bowles-Simpson recommendations, which were never actually made? The man's a feckless empty suit.

Ignoring the explicit warnings of the Chamber of Commerce, Moody's, and other similarly pinko leftwing groups? Just doing the job the American people sent us to do.