Friday, December 01, 2006

Apparently he’s unemployed – John Kerry took time out from campaigning, giving speeches in Iowa, and sending fundraising letters to assess impact of ‘botched joke’ on ‘08 prospects. His seat in the Senate is being used as an ottoman by Ted Kennedy.

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Anonymous said...

The good news for John Kerry: the manufactured furor over his speech has in no way reduced his prospects for the Presidency.

The bad news... (really, nobody could "botch" this punchline, could they?)

And even so, Kerry's joke was in better taste than Bush's masterfully un-botched "Where are the WMDs? Whoops, not behind this desk!" routine. (The drumbeat of reaction-- "Bush shouldn't have been joking while soldiers were dying" vs. "Kerry just called all our troops stupid!"-- is more evidence of the humor gap between the right and the left.)

But most importantly of all, what's with "botched joke"? Botched joke, botched joke, botched joke. The next time the "liberal media" is accused of marching in lockstep against the GOP, try to produce an article about the aftermath of Kerry's speech that doesn't parrot the retarded phrase "botched joke."