Sunday, July 09, 2006

Those tolerant Bay Staters

Well, I’m just piling on Massachusetts today. From the Boston Globe Sunday magazine, here’s a letter posted in the Miss Conduct column:

My son is deployed in Iraq. He has given up six years of his life as a Marine Reservist and wouldn't have it any other way. Frequently people tell me what a waste it is for my son and the United States to be in Iraq and that my son must be stupid or cruel. All I say, in a sincere way, is "I am sorry you feel that way," but in response I get a tongue-lashing. I don't bring up where my son is in the first place, I don't insult these people, and yet I am left shaking and sad. If you have any suggestions on how I can answer these people, I'd appreciate it. He'll be there until November.
M.B. /// Halifax
Click the link above for Miss Conduct’s response (which is largely “ignore them” wrapped around a subtle anti-war jab).


Anonymous said...

How about suggesting that on his return they might like to make these comments to her son, assuming they don't mind getting a Marine boot up their ass.

Pat Patterson said...

I think that the reference to "hearts and minds" might actually be to the people that are being rude to the serviceman's mother. I wouldn't put much credence to the idea that a newspaper advice columnist might have the subtlety to manufacture that type of ant-war comment.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a child in Iraq. But, I do live in an area where most people ASSUME that I "hate Bush" the way that they do.
This includes most of my friends and family...most of whom don't bring the topic up with me anymore. Still, as I paid for wine at our local liquor store on Saturday, the attendant said, "Can you believe that we're still in Iraq?" He went on. I finally said something like, "There are lots of other opinions on that," and walked away. What REALLY bugs me is the arrogant assumption of rightness...righteousness. There is NO other opinion worthy of consideration.
So, I feel your pain the best that I can. It must be much worse for you. God bless your son and all of the others who are in Iraq and Afghanistan doing what they do in the name of democracy.