Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Purge

Powerline: "The Democrats get their crazy on"
The Democrats, having sown the wind, may reap the whirlwind. After all, they are the party of slavery and Jim Crow. Every one of the the Confederates now being scrubbed from memory was a Democrat. And Thomas Jefferson was a slaveowner who, unlike George Washington, never did free his slaves. Andrew Jackson, the real founder of the Democratic Party, makes Phil Sheridan look like a multiculturalist. But we don’t have to go back into our nation’s history for embarrassing Democrats: Robert Byrd, who served as an honored Democrat in the United States Senate until 2010–two years into the Obama administration!–was an Exalted Cyclops in the Ku Klux Klan. Just about every federal building and highway rest stop in West Virginia is named after Byrd. I look forward to the day when they are all renamed or torn down.
My wife has family around Gettysburg, PA which, as you might expect, pulls in significant tourism dollars from visitors to the Civil War battle site.  She tells me they are not going to sell Confederate flags in the souvenir shops anymore - which I just can't believe.  Look, I understand removing a reviled symbol of the Confederacy from state houses, but doesn't this tip the balance into scrubbing history?  The Civil War happened and the two sides carried different flags.

The great show "Community" is set in a community college and the mascot is the amorphous "Human Being" - a vaguely human shape of no identifiable color.  This is the future:

I wonder how long the University of Massachusetts Minuteman - a white guy with a GUN! - can survive in this environment.  They're coming for you, Ole Miss, UNLV and Washington Redskins.

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DCE said...

I seem to recall a college intramural sports team made up primarily of Native Americans and Latinos called their team the "Fightin' Whiteys". Their team logo: a white nerdy guy in a white button-down collar shirt with tie, a pocket protector, and black rimmed glasses with white tape across the bridge. No one objected, including any of the white students on campus.

Yeah, I know this comment is a bit off topic but you did show the Community logo, so I figured it opened the door.