Tuesday, June 09, 2015

That's my uncle's boat

When I first heard this NY Times story about Marco Rubio's "luxury speedboat" I assumed it was along the lines of Al Czervik's boat from "Caddyshack"

Instead it's a fishing boat, the exact same kind my uncle had.  Who knew that my uncle - an insurance salesman from New Jersey - was living in the lap of "luxury"?  Ah, I remember the glamorous days of pumping gas from a red can on the floor and the long journey from stem to stern, all five steps.

This is a couple days after the Times called an F-150 truck an "SUV."  It's not: it's the classic American pickup.  I don't think the crowd at the Times has the slightest idea what happens out in flyover country.


Roger Bournival said...

Funny that the newspaper that lost $1 BILLION on the Boston Globe purchase has the nerve to lecture anyone else on finances...

Eric said...

I won't link to it, but Jon Stewart had a pretty funny takedown of the Times.