Saturday, June 13, 2015

Spot the staffer

The Hillary people set up a "watch party" for people in Iowa to see the nominee announce her nomination again.  Althouse: "A wan watch party."

A grand total of five people showed up.  Well, six if you include the Clinton staffer.  Can you spot him in the CNN video?


Anonymous said...

Iowans bump into three live candidates every time they turn a street corner. Why would they go anywhere to see one on TV?

Anonymous said...

Also, it's just a recurring Nelson Muntz "HA ha!" storyline that the media always goes for. People correctly like to see their politicians humbled.

Didja know that practically nobody was interested in either candidate last time? That must be why Obama won reelection, 19 votes to 16.

Lonesome Romney 2012:

Plenty of Seats Available Obama 2012:

Eric said...

Well, considering that this was an announcement 20 years in the making, almost a half-dozen Iowans seems underwhelming.

On the same day, the Socialist nutcase who doesn't have a chance in hell was packin' 'em in:

Bernie Sanders Thrills Large Crowd At Iowa Town Hall

Eric said...

Meanwhile, back on Welfare Island in NYC:

MSNBC Worries Hillary Crowd Too White, Too Small and None Too Enthusiastic -

I once was blind but now I see asphalt said...

People correctly like to see their politicians humbled.

Oooh, do I detect something of a change in attitude in the aftermath of your trip under the bus?