Saturday, June 20, 2015

Hillary literally steals money from disadvantaged kids

Moe Lane: "Moral of the story: get Condoleezza Rice for events, not Hillary Clinton."

The Boys and Girls Club invites speakers and pays a fee for a charity fundraiser.  It seems expected that the invitee will return a certain amount to the Club as a charity gift, after travel expenses.  Hillary kept the cash and her fundraiser pulled in the lowest amount in 25 years, much less than her fee:
So Condi Rice took $60,000 and donated it back. Greedy Grandma kept the $200,000 and donated it to her own Clinton Crime Family Slush Fund. Swell.
Related from the Weekly Standard:
The Hillary Paradox consists of two perceptions that are irreconcilable. The first is that Hillary Clinton is a person of uncommon decency, compassionate and deeply committed to justice. The second is that many of her actions over many years are the work of a person who couldn’t possibly be uncommonly decent. How could someone with a wonderful reputation so often behave disreputably?
I'll give you three gue$$e$ why.

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