Saturday, May 03, 2014

Worst concert

Reddit has a question: "What's your worst concert experience?"

Back in 1997, I saw Ben Folds Five at Pearl Street in Northampton and it was absolutely great.  This was right after they released "Whatever and Ever Amen" but before their big hit "Brick" started climbing the charts.  The venue was kinda small and the crowd was up.  I remember that Ben Folds did a fantastic solo on "Steven's Last Night in Town."

Oh, I raved about the concert and my buddy from school came up to Massachusetts to see them when they played another Western Massachusetts concert at Amherst College.  OH MY GRAVY is was piss-awful.  It was held in a gymnasium, everybody had to stand, and the acoustics were horrendous.  And I always remember the crowd went crazy every time Ben Folds dropped the f-bomb, which was often and unnecessary.

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