Saturday, May 24, 2014

I'd pay a dollar for that

The latest talk of the town is Ta-Nehisi Coates' article in the Atlantic titled: "The Case for Reparations."  Professor Jacobson has addressed the dead-end case here and here.  The Federalist also reviews the reactions to the essay.

I subscribe to the Atlantic and read the whole article today and was taken by this line:
"What is needed is a healing of the American psyche and the banishment of white guilt."
Sold!  How much will it cost to purge this terrible stain upon this country?  (You know, aside from the blood of 360,000 Union soliders killed in the Civil War.)  Because if reparations are the answer to "repair" our race problems, then let's do it once and for all.  Let's cut those checks for Oprah and LeBron.

But once we've definitively repaired the national psyche once and for all, I think it's only fair to dismantle all race-based programs.  No more affirmative action, no more race-based college admissions, no more Civil Rights division at the DOJ.  The NAACP can pack it up along with the Southern Poverty Law Center.  Criticism of the President will be just that and nothing more.  Let's do this.


Anonymous said...

Let's cut those checks for Oprah and LeBron.

That's corny. Don't answer a vague and facile proposal with an even sloppier and more foolish answer.

Eric said...

Clearly, I'm just covering up my fear with laughter.

(From the article, BTW)