Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The most transparent Administration ever....

...decided that you should know who is the top CIA agent in Afghanistan.  You're welcome, America.

Extra - Ace: "Whoopsadaisy!"

More - Commentary: "If the press lets Obama get away with this blunder, it will be just one more example of the refusal of the national press to hold this administration to the same standards that it judges the president’s opponents."


Anonymous said...

The scamps at Commentary try really hard to equate this screwup with the Valerie Plame leak, which is like saying that both Dick Cheney and Aaron Burr shot a guy while Vice President. Motive, criminality... they just confuse things.

Scampalot said...

You need to learn the difference between the words "equate" and "compare".

You may have been disturbed that these simple facts weren't suppressed:

"Let’s remember that what occurred this past week was far worse than anything that happened to Plame. Plame was, after all, serving in an office in Virginia and, while classified, was no secret. By contrast, the CIA station chief whose name was released is in peril every day in Kabul. He is serving on the front lines of a shooting war and the release of his name in this indiscriminate manner may well have compromised his effectiveness if not his safety."

Anonymous said...

Yes, how could anyone badly misread Commentary as equating the two situations?

From Commentary:
"an administration and a political party that has often sought to successfully criminalize the leaking of such information in the recent past"

"speaks volumes about the hypocrisy and selective prosecution policies pursued by the same people"

"the same Democratic Party that currently runs the White House was up in arms because the name of a CIA official was leaked"

"Libby’s ruin was the result of partisan politics"

"this White House isn’t so up in arms about leaks"

"those throughout the security establishment who have been harshly treated by an administration that is paranoid about leaks have a right to complain. So does Libby."

"the refusal of the national press to hold this administration to the same standards that it judges the president’s opponents"

Freaks and Leaks said...

The best part is Jonathan Tobin being against slaps on the wrist, and demanding immediate accountability, in the same column where he mewls that Lewis Libby is innocent but was "crucified."

Anonymous said...

Looks like Scampalot scampered away.