Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Filling the space

Here's Hit and Run: "It's a Good Thing That Obama Reads the Paper Because Otherwise He'd Have No Idea What His Administration is Doing"
If Barack Obama wants to play Chauncey Gardiner and basically act as if he has no frickin' idea of what's going around in his White House, that's fine by me.
But will his erstwhile defenders at least admit that either he is a know-it-all who is full of B.S. when he pleads ignorance or that he just has no clue about what's taking place in this City on a Hill already? It's not flattering to him whichever way you want to go. But at least it'll be consistent.
That Chauncey Gardiner reference is from the film "Being There" where a simpleton is regarded as a genius because he occasionally says things that sound profound.  The main character almost literally stumbles into the Presidency.

Not to worry, America.  The President is "madder than hell" and he's going to jump right on this scandal:
2:10 pm || Honors the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks; East Room
Or not.  Custom-made football jerseys may be exchanged.


Anonymous said...

But at least it'll be consistent.

Simple consistency is all Republicans demand from the weak, unprepared mom pants-wearing wussy who crams his fascist agenda down America's throat like the lawless dictator he is.

And his successor, the conniving conspiracy mastermind who's also a feeble old lady with brain damage.

America's Throat said...

Rule #3:

If the point hurts, miss it.

Point of order said...

Conservatives demand consistency in a president they paint as both cruel and soft, diabolical and inept. We know you don't see the humor.

Conservatives also won't accept excuses or alibis about feigning unawareness, because dammit, he's the president and The Buck Stops Here from 1977-1980, 1993-2000, and again from 2009-present. You know... consistency.