Monday, May 12, 2014

Eight-hour gap

Marc Thiessen: "The White House eagerly shared details of the president’s whereabouts during the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, even releasing a photo of him monitoring the assault in the Situation Room in real time. So why not share the same details about his whereabouts during Benghazi?"


The proof is out there said...

Because unlike Benghazi, the entire country cared about Bin Laden.

Worse still, if they release the Obama photo taken during the Benghazi attack, he might've had his foot up on his desk, or his head might be tilted down at an apologetic 15-degree angle, or he might be wearing mom jeans, or his lips might not be in the act of forming the "rrr" sound in the word "terrorist." America could not survive that.

Eric said...

Well, we now know that none of these affectations took place in the Situation Room.

Anonymous said...

But they occur daily in the Hallucination Room.