Friday, March 14, 2014

The Millennial suckers

Here's Jonah Goldberg with "The most cynical generation."
But, as Mario Cuomo once said, politicians campaign in poetry but govern in prose. And the prose of the Obama years has been an incoherent and disillusioning run-on sentence. His signature achievement, Obamacare, was designed from the outset to screw young people, overcharging them for products they don’t need in order to subsidize older Americans. Young people loved it when Obama called George W. Bush’s deficits “unpatriotic” because they saddled Millennials with debt. That was $7 trillion borrowed dollars ago.
The Millennial voters voted overwhelmingly for their Hope and Change guy on the promise of sticking the bill on someone else.  Only now they're figuring out who that is.

Update - Here's non-Goldberg guy Dana Milbank: "Why millennials have abandoned Obama."


Not only whales swallow Jonah said...

Yeah, just wait until 2014 and 2016 when the Millennials rise up in belated understanding and vote Republican. Barack Obama's ultimate legacy will be having cost his party a generation of voters, forever. That is gonna be suh-WEET!

Er... when was the last time Jonah Goldberg accurately took the temperature of the public? Was it when he was attacking Nate Silver's inept polling analysis for "pandering" to liberal wishcasting, because Romney's victory would show that the human soul is so much more ineffable and precious than mere math? Or when Goldberg said that taking back the Senate in 2010 was "getting better all the time"... this rosy assessment coming just a few weeks before the election? Was it when he gloated that Sarah Palin would be responsible for a huge swing of women voters to the GOP ticket? Was it when Goldberg declared that "the Joe the Plumber phenomenon" was real? Or when he predicted that a majority of Americans would agree the Iraq war was worth it before the 2008 elections (Advantage: GOP!)?

Anyway, back to this youthful buyer's remorse thing. That's so going to happen. After all, when has Jonah ever steered us wrong?

Eric said...

No, they won't rise up...they'll stay home. "Home" being their parents' basements.

Jonah bologna said...

You mean like how they were going to stay home in 2012, right?

But that was then. This is then again.

The 2016 dilemma: "Why bother, dude?" vs. "The first woman president." How to bet? How to bet?

In the meantime, we'll just have to keep waiting for Jonah Goldberg's first election insight (non-laughable division).

It's simple common sense said...

That dastardly devil Obama... always buying votes with handouts and pandering, while losing the same votes by failing to provide handouts and pandering.

Then again, how could we ever expect basic consistency from a weak, indecisive, appeasing apologist-in-chief in mom jeans who's also a tyrannical dictator whose imperial presidency contemptuously shoves illegal law down our throats?

Eric said...

That's right: keep placing your chips on Hillary whose main accomplishment in life is, um, her married name.

Also, how about that brave, brave President of ours? It's easy to be a tyrant when the Justice Department will roll over for you. If only Putin could appreciate such assumed authority.

Jonah bologna said...

That's right: keep placing your chips on Hillary whose main accomplishment in life is, um, her married name.

As opposed to who... Jonah Goldberg?

"Heh heh, place your chips on Hillary, sucker" isn't just whistling past the graveyard. It's hiring the entire Vienna symphony orchestra to join you in polyharmonic whistling.

Anonymous said...

Hillary's no good because she's a Bill Clinton spinoff? Seriously? You oppose nepotism and lack of accomplishment, Mr. "Wednesdays Are For W"?

How about if we call her Hiwwawy Wodham Cwinton? Does that work for you?

Eric said...

Bill Clinton was a governor.
George Bush was a governor.

Hillary's major accomplishment in life was to preside over a disastrous foreign policy that even she's trying to distance herself from.

But maybe I'm missing something. Can you name a single thing Hillary has done? Anything at all for the resume?