Sunday, March 02, 2014

It's review time

Yesterday, I finished the Jose Saramago book "Blindness" which a gritty novel about a city where the populace goes blind.  The book has a unique style with page-long paragraphs where dialogue is separated by commas - it's a relief to come to a period sometimes.  There's some really graphic stuff here as society breaks down, but moments of redemption also.  A good read.

Then I watched the Superman reboot "Man of Steel."  There's one scene where Amy Adams is wearing a nice, gray sweater that shows off her figure.  Otherwise it was awful.

And now, Oscar Predictions:

Picture: "American Hustle"
Actor: Matthew McConaughey
Actress: Cate Blanchett
Supporting Actor: Jared Leto
Supporting Actress: Lupita Nyong'o
Director: Alfonso Cuaron

Update - Five for six - not bad.  I thought "12 Years a Slave" was too much of an arthouse movie to gain a wide audience.  But when Ellen said in her monologue (paraphrasing) that either "12 Years" wins or "we're all racists", I knew it would get Best Picture.


Anonymous said...

I read Blindness too. History already teaches us that humanity is on the whole cruel and stupid. I didn't need it shoved in my face by this boring, repetitive, pointless book.

Eric said...

I guess I was surprised that evil intentions can appear in even the most helpless.

Billy Crystalball said...

The host's monologue gave away the Oscar result? Is Waterhouse an accountant with a sideline in joke writing?