Tuesday, March 11, 2014

But good intentions

The Federalist: "What was the point of Obamacare?"
So if ObamaCare doesn’t offer affordable insurance, doesn’t insure the uninsured, doesn’t allow us to keep our existing plans, and doesn’t even ensure high-quality care—then what are its defenders counting on?
I wonder if they even care anymore.  It's not much of a law and as Megan Mcardle notes, there's good reason to believe its core mandate will never be enforced:
One more result: If the McKinsey numbers turn out to be correct, I think we should expect that the individual mandate will simply not be enforced. Otherwise, we would be "helping" the uninsured by raising the cost of the insurance available to them, and then fining them hundreds or thousands of dollars for not buying it. I believe the technical term for this is "political suicide."
With very few uninsured Americans actually getting insured and Obama resorting to Internet skits to get the young invincibles to sign up, it looks like Obamacare is going down in a heap.  Eventually the insurance companies will get wise to the trap they're in.

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Anonymous said...

The thing which I don't see emphasized, but which seems eye-opening to me is this: after all is said and done, perhaps FEWER people will have health insurance than when O'care was started.

Holy Cow!
They're claiming a bit more than 4million signups, subtract a chunk for non-payment. And perhaps 6 million were cancelled because their plans didn't fit the template.