Monday, March 10, 2014

Have you heard of this game called Candy Crush?

So I got a new cellphone this weekend - one that can play Candy Crush - and I've been playing Candy Crush.

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Anonymous said...

We used just for impossible levels. Now we use it for full lives and sometimes for boosters and moves :)) work on phones to. I play on PC and HTC One, my sisters play on iPhone white. We can set full lives all the time, what boosters we need and goldbars at your discretion. You can enable/disable at any time and enjoy your game.
Hope it helps you. Save the link because Sooner or later you will use this, spend your money or stop playing, some levels are deliberately made impossible. You get Unlimited Lives Moves Boosters GoldBars all the Charms you need!
Be Happy and Have Fun !!!