Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Whole lot of mumblin' goin' on

This takedown of Harvard-educated Matt Yglesias' writing style (hat tip: Maggie's Farm) is laugh-out-loud funny if only for the well-written insults within:
All aspiring writers should read Slate’s Matt Yglesias. There’s no better way to stress the importance of not writing like Matt Yglesias.

That doesn’t jump off the page, but at least it doesn’t appear to be written by a college sophomore on an Adderall jag.

Yglesias’ writing is also cluttered like a hoarder’s living room with instances of “I think,” “in my opinion,” “something I find,” and other redundant phrases. Readers can discern whose opinion is being presented by the name at the top of the article.
This last one is a pet peeve of mine.  I know that this is an opinion piece and I also know you're writing it.  You need not worry that I'll mistake your blather for gospel.

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