Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lying about Social Security

It's a slow news day so let's go to my old standby topic.  WashPost: "Democratic PAC plays an unwarranted ‘scare seniors’ card on Social Security." The attack ads are starting early in Arizona and we're already up to three Pinocchios.
During the 2008 presidential campaign, both The Fact Checker and FactCheck.org were highly critical of the Obama campaign for asserting that McCain supported a plan that would put Social Security in the stock market. FactCheck.org said the claim was “deceptive” and The Fact Checker (then written by Michael Dobbs) said it was worthy of Three Pinocchios.
Yet here it is, six years later, and Democrats are still using the same old playbook of scaring seniors. Polling must show that such false attacks work.
Yup.  The voting seniors go ballistic at every mendacity while younger voters - who will see their benefits cut - keep Twittering for their buddy in the White House.  Although maybe that's finally changing.

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