Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Stories like this are just starting

The Daily Caller has a first person account of an Obamacare supporter who is experiencing real and metaphorical headaches: "An Obamacare supporter recounts his misadventures dealing with HealthCare.gov":
Three days into 2014, Miles took his Obamacare out for its maiden drive. His stop at the doctor went fine. At the pharmacy, it crashed.
His medication — which has cost us a co-pay of between $10 and $30 under every other plan he’s had since 2004 including one under Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan — would not be covered. At all.
That’s $438 out of pocket. Every month. And it won’t even go against the plan deductible.
In other words, this nifty $246 Obamacare plan would actually cost $686 a month.
The author spends a few heartbreaking days calling Obamacare and insurance company hotlines trying to find out why his partner's medication was not covered, to no avail.

Sorry, pal, but they lied and they're going to keep on lying.

Extra - Medicaid stats are just made up.

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