Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Thanks for all the cash, kids

Naturally, I liked the part about how today's young generation is paying for Social Security benefits they'll never see.  Hot Air: "Jimmy Kimmel on how Obamacare hoses young adults."


Schizo said...

This Kimmel clip has been hitting the conservative websites. We've seen this pattern before. There's something pitiable about conservatives who routinely denounce the liberal mainstream media, yet rejoice like a dog on Pavlov's birthday over every precious nugget that fills their aching needs.

"Hooray, Jimmy Kimmel made fun of Obamacare!" "Wow, 60 Minutes did Benghazi!" "Even The Daily Show has turned against The One!" Only Matt Drudge finds it significant that Jay Leno sometimes tells jokes mocking President Obama, and that every joke is headline-worthy.

23 hours and 55 minutes a day, 365 days a year, they see right through a biased cesspool of liberal Hollywood lies and claptrap... but oh, how they live for those magical moments that validate them.

Many conservatives act like battered women when it comes to a media landscape that is simultaneously their eternal target and their eternal master: "I want to leave my man because he beats the $#@% out of me. But sometimes, he can be so loving."

Eric said...

When the mainstream media stumbles upon a conservative-friendly narrative, we're like 'enry 'iggens when Eliza finally pronounces something correctly.

The rest of the time, we have to shake our heads when Politifact calls Obama's obvious lies as "true" then "mostly true" before it turns into "Lie of the Year."

Now if you'll excuse me, I have read the NY Times story about how the Benghazi attack was actually started by Tea Partiers angry about late charges at Blockbuster.

Battered Matt Drudge said...

From today's Drudge Report (1/17):

This is the entirety of the story in the link:

T.K. Hash cracked up the “American Idol” judges on Thursday’s show with a spot-on impersonation of President Obama.

New judge Harry Connick Jr. was the first to point out the resemblance, and the contestant revealed he had Obama’s voice and mannerisms down pat, too.

“That’s so great. You’ve won me over already,” said Connick.

But could Hash sing?

Check out the video below!

You know a president is finished when somebody does an impression of him.

Anonymous said...

Drudge Report, January 20:

HENTOFF: Impeach Obama!

Liberal icon urges removal...

Somehow, Drudge didn't link to this esteemed liberal icon when he was writing about George W. Bush and torture, George W. Bush and due process, George W. Bush and surveillance, George W. Bush and Texas' record of executions, George W. Bush's unconstitutional acts, George W. Bush and support for Sudanese slavery...

Drudge is also unlikely to create a headline from the liberal icon's statement, "Depending on the candidates for the presidency in 2016, I may write in [Edward] Snowden for the Oval Office."

Drudge is also unlikely to call attention to why Hentoff considers Obama worse than Bush: because Bush was unqualified, incurious, and controlled by Rumsfeld and Cheney, whereas Obama is able enough to know better.

But where the same liberal icon's views happen to be ideologically useful, bam! Then, it's solid news.