Saturday, January 04, 2014

Bill de Blasio's favorite prop

In case you missed it, the incoming mayor of New York had 11-year-old Dasani Coates join him on stage during his inauguration, as a potent symbol of the institutionalized inequality that led to the girl's homelessness.

It's worth reading this piece by Kay Hymowitz in City Journal: "Did inequality make Dasani homeless?"  Or could it be - just spitballing here - her unemployable parents who spend their days zonked out on methadone?  Oh but there I go again with my bend towards parental responsibility and "the politics of blame."

In any case: your move, Mayor.  I fully expect after your many reforms take place that those "piles of unwashed clothes" will be clean and Downy-fresh.  I'll check back later.

(Hat tip: Maggie's Farm)

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