Wednesday, January 22, 2014

B-b-baby you ain't seen nothin' yet

Megan McArdle: "Resolved: Obamacare is now beyond rescue."  "The law still lacks the political legitimacy to survive in the long term. And in a bid to increase that legitimacy, the administration has set two very dangerous precedents: It has convinced voters that no unpopular provisions should ever be allowed to take effect, and it has asserted an executive right to rewrite the law, which Republicans can just as easily use to unravel this tangled web altogether."

The newly-hired company Accenture has two months to fix a health care system that couldn't be built over three-and-a-half years.

Extra - From Q&O.

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Always wrong said...

This is Megan McArdle who said that passage of the ACA would reduce pharmaceutical companies' profits, right? Oops.

This is Megan McArdle who said that dire predictions that the Iraq/Afghan War might end up lasting 5 years or costing a trillion dollars were outlandishly wrong. Oh, dear.

This is Megan McArdle who says the solution to mass shootings is to train our children to "gang rush" the shooter rather than flee, who predicted that the current economic crunch would reduce wealth inequality, who compared cancer-causing formaldehyde to wine, wool sweaters and distilled water (because all of them contain chemicals), who said that gay marriage shows that liberals have lost the sexual revolution, and who debuted at the Atlantic with her August 2007 post on the shaky U.S. economy titled "Don't Panic!"

In other words, President Obama and the ACA couldn't have received better news today than McArdle's prediction.