Sunday, September 29, 2013

Final "Breaking Bad" prediction

Well, I was far off last month except for the part about Jesse being forced back to the cook.  I'm going to go with quick bullet points here:

  • Walt kills Lydia with the ricin by slipping it into her tea.
  • Walt kills the Nazis with his M60.
  • Walt frees Jesse.
  • Jesse kills Walt (because of Jane and Andrea.)
  • Jesse gives the money barrels to Brock, Kaylee, and that motorbike kid's family.
  • The "disappearing guy" honors Walt's dying wish and gets the barrel of money to Skyler.
  • Heull is still waiting.


Roger Bournival said...

You got a lot of it right, mate. I just watched the replay tonight; they absolutely nailed that song when Walt was in their lab before he bled to death.

Eric said...

Oh, yeah, I turned to my wife and said "Baby Blue by Badfinger!."

Nice choice.

I thought it was interesting that Walt wanted to be found with the lab equipment so that he would always be linked to the blue meth. That's the way I saw it.