Saturday, August 10, 2013

Countdown to "Breaking Bad"

Might as well make my prediction now for the greatest show in the history of television, just in case I don't have the opportunity tomorrow.  There are a bunch of theories on how "Breaking Bad" will end and here's mine:

- Walt's cancer is back and he will yield to Skyler's pleadings to quit the business so he can spend his final days with his family (already seen at the end of Season 5A.)  This will not go over well with Lydia or the boys from Phoenix and Skyler will pay the price.
- Hank cannot expose Walt and become the laughingstock of the DEA.  So he helps to arrange Walt's disappearance (to New Hampshire - that's right), somehow takes credit for stopping Heisenburg, takes a huge chunk of Walt's money stash, then he and Marie raise the now-orphaned Holly and Walt Jr.  Walter accepts this exile as the price for providing for his family and, besides, he isn't going to live much longer anyway.
- Saul will also take a big cut from the White's storage room pile.  In exchange, Saul will be Walt's only source of information from Albuquerque.
- What about Jesse?  I don't know.  At the end of season 5A, he got his overdue $5 million payoff from Walt and he's been resolute about not returning to the meth business, at least not with Walt.  It's possible that with Heisenberg's disappearance, the Cartel pulls Jesse back into the cook.  Remember that he traveled down to Mexico to show them how to make the blue meth and Walter White told the Phoenix guys that he and Jesse were the "best meth cooks in America."  Against his will, Captain Cook rides again.
- The show ends with an ailing Walter White sitting on the porch of his secluded New Hampshire home with the M60 laying across his legs.  Far in the distance, he can see the dust kicked up on the dirt road leading to his home as a pickup truck approaches....

That's my prediction.  What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Sorry to disagree -- Dexter is the best show on TV.

Eric said...

Don't have Showtime but I can watch old stuff on Netflix. I'll give it a shot.