Saturday, August 24, 2013

The national conversation on race

A good post from DaTechGuy: "Salon and the dishonorable dim-witted Left."

In my mind, there's no use talking about the Trayvon Martin case.  It has already achieved the truthiness of "Gore won the Presidency" and no amount of exposition will change the MSNBC narrative on race.  As the trial was winding down a local newspaper wrote an article which averred that certain "facts" in the case were "indisputable."  I wrote a letter to the paper that started: "I dispute it."

In case you missed it, certain Oberlin students were speaking truth to power by staging a series of hate crime hoaxes.  Perhaps this is the time to have a discussion about race?  Well Oberlin's most famous grad had a lot to say when this was an international story.  But now?  Smelly feet.

Extra - Legal Insurrection asks if Oberlin played along with the racism hoax.  Sure looks like it.

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