Thursday, August 29, 2013

Going it aloner

Here's a breathless Katie Couric hailing freshly-minted President Obama speaking to the United Nations in 2009:
"Good evening, everyone. President Obama says we have reached a “pivotal moment.” In his UN debut today, he challenged the world to work together to solve the problems facing all of us. And in a break with the “go it alone policies” of his predecessor, he said the United States is ready to begin a new chapter of international cooperation."
Remember when "going it alone" meant Congressional approval and an international coalition?  Now, with Great Britain backing away, Obama still appears ready to lob some cruise missiles into Syria. line.

Extra - Twitchy: "Army of One."


Can you believe Obama is such a flip-flopper? said...

You know who would fully support President Obama's proposed Syrian strikes, while buying every line the White House was selling and scoffing at the President's soft, "hand-wringing" critics? Viking Pundit 2003. Your archive is not your friend here.

Anonymous said...

Unless you were frozen in carbonite in 2003 and thawed out in 2013, we're all different now. Because of the power of Change! With Change! a peace-loving candidate can be a war-monger president. With Change!, a candidate promising governmental transparency can be a president that prosecute those who bring skeletons out of the government’s closet. With Change! a constituency that applauded the emerging drone technology as a way to save troops' lives on the field can be appalled by the same technology when they're told the president has the ability to kill them with it without rule of Constitutional law. With Change! a constituency that says 'Never again!' to Auschwitz, Rawanda, and Kosovo in mind can say "it's not our problem!' when folks are gassed in Syria. With Change! a terrorist group whom the US wanted to destroy in Afghanistan and Iraq can now become the allies for regime change in Libya and Syria. Behold! the power of Change! That's Progress!(c)(r)(tm), baby!

But hey, the more things change, the more they seem to stay the same. I'm sure Obama will have his "you forgot about Poland" moment. Possibly with Qatar.

Eric said...

Commenter #1 - show me where I said I opposed military action in Syria. Snark is easy when you draw your own conclusions.

It's even easier - SO much easier - when you have a President who explicitly pounded a former CoC for "going it alone" and exhorted a President to gain the support of Congress. It's de-lovely.

Anonymous said...

Aha, so it's the more mundane "when Obama disagrees with me, he's wrong, and when Obama agrees with me, he's also wrong." Snark really is easy.

Eric said...

Ah, yes, and when Obama the Candidate disagrees with Obama the CinC - comedy gold.

Tell us again, Mr. President, how you would never-ever go to war without Congressional approval.

Mr. President said...

If you'd been more patient, I would have told you that before you posted.