Thursday, September 05, 2013

Yup, a speech

The Hill: "Obama needs a game changer to win House vote on Syria."

Hot Air: "America likely to endure Obama address on Syria soon."  "Given the “success” his speeches have had in boosting ObamaCare’s popularity, this should pretty well finish off the “bomb Syria” movement."

This is amateur hour but I suppose anything's better than the plan so far.


Dr. No No No No No said...

"Given the “success” his speeches have had in boosting ObamaCare’s popularity

It's poignant how some people still think the battle is about themselves and their yen to re-re-re-relitigate Obamacare and the election until They All Understand.

The battle will be in the states with the half-assed, sabotaged Obamacare. They are going to be demanding the other states' effective version 3 to 8 years from now.

Eric said...

Oh, no doubt, no doubt.

Because all the other Administration predictions on Obamacare have been spot on.

Anonymous said...

There couldn't be a more biased, desperate forecast than "The law will work better in states that process it than in states that impede it." Could it be so? Answer hazy!

We're alllllllmost there said...

Won't you donate whatever amount you can, and join the fight to put an end to Medicare... uh, Roe v. Wade... er, Ted Kennedy... hmm, Obamacare?

At least that motive is obviou$ and $elf-evident. No idea what a non-grifter gets out of pretending, though.