Monday, September 09, 2013

Hello Newman!

In non-Syria news, an earthquake in the world of Redneck Round & Round.  Tonight NASCAR announced that Michael Waltrip Racing had intentionally colluded to engineer a spot in the Chase (the NASCAR "playoffs") for MWR driver Martin Truex, Jr.

After listening to team radio communications and reviewing Clint Bowyer's mysterious self-spin-out, NASCAR replaced Truex with Ryan Newman, who was leading at the time of the yellow flag.  In addition, MWR was assessed the largest fine in the history of NASCAR and docked 50 points per driver.

NASCAR couldn't exclude Bowyer from the Chase since there's no good way to determine if a spinout is intentional.  But immediately after the Richmond race, it's clear that Dale Earnhardt Jr., who was alongside Bowyer during the incident, thought it was very shady.  "Never seen anything like it," said Jr.

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BlessTheirHearts said...

Dayum! First they tell me wrasslin's fake, then they tell me baseball is fulla steroids, now NASCAR has cheatin'. Oh dear, sweet Lord, next thing ya know, they'll be telling us everyone in Honey Boo Boo is just actin' and wearin' them fat suits.