Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Please make it stop

I can't blog when I'm at work but I read the news and I can't believe this train wreck on Syria.  Have we ever seen a President sub-contract foreign policy to the Russians?

Bryan Preston: "Russia backing away from fake Syria weapons deal."  Of course.
and today's most popular article

And Ace posits a Bizarro universe where the media would be outraged by a Democrat President seeking a war to save his Presidency:
Imagine if Bush tried to whip votes for a War of Choice with the argument that people needed to support a war in order for him to maintain his domestic policy momentum on, say, cutting taxes.
Imagine it.
And yet the media reports this matter-of-factly, without any negative commentary, as if this is what presidents always do.
Yeah, pretty much.  Well let's get the popcorn ready for the big speech where we must rise to this "Munich Moment" with a toothless, "unbelievably small" attack that won't come because diplomacy, said the Russians.

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Good day sir said...

Jon Stewart last night, on the most humiliating humiliation that ever humiliated: "Who did we lose to?"